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Tap into the premier online destination for precious metals in Canada. You can browse a wide selection of gold and silver products, and quickly make purchases from the convenience of your home or office.

Backed by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC),you can trust that CIBC Precious Metals offers the highest quality products with a secure online shopping experience.

Browse our full catalogue of precious metals without an account and, when you’re ready to make a purchase, follow a few easy steps to register with CIBC Precious Metals.

1.    Five Steps to Register for a CIBC Precious Metals Account

Step 1: Click on the Sign In/Register link in the top right corner of the Home Page, and then select Register.  

Step 2: Fill out the online registration form with all required information All your personal information is protected under CIBC’s privacy policy, which is available at

Step 3: Select your four security questions and answers. If you forget your password, you can reset it online and have it validated using your security questions. Security questions for secure password reset activities are used on many online applications, including CIBC Online Banking.

Step 4: Complete the Equifax eID  verification process (note this is not a credit check). We may also contact the financial institution with whom you have an account to verify your identity.

Step 5: Once the validation of your account is complete, you will receive an email notification from CIBC Precious Metals advising that your account is active. Please note that this validation process can take up to two to three business days.

2.    Sign In to CIBC Precious Metals to Begin Shopping 

Once your account has been activated, visit the CIBC Precious Metals website at  and sign in using your email address and the password you created.

Once signed in, you can browse the array of available products by selecting the Gold, Silver and Collector tabs. You can click on each product for more detailed information.

To add a purchase to your shopping cart, click the Add to Cart button on the product page. You can change quantities and add or remove products from your shopping cart at any point prior to making payment. The price for each product is the current market price quoted in Canadian dollars, and is updated every two minutes.

To protect your account, you will be automatically logged out if you have been inactive for 20 minutes.

3.    Finalizing Your Purchases

When you have finished shopping, click on the Secure Checkout button to view all items in your shopping cart. Review the information under the Checkout section. Please note that the price of precious metals fluctuates during market hours, and will be updated online every two minutes. Always click the Re-price button prior to clicking Confirm Purchase to get the most up-to-date pricing. Any changes in the price of the products you selected will be reflected in your shopping cart. 

Confirm your purchase by first accepting the terms of sale and then clicking on Confirm Purchase. By clicking Confirm Purchase, you are locking in the product price(s) for the next 20 minutes while you complete your payment details.

4.    Making Payment and Completing the Purchase

Before confirming your purchase, please have your credit or Visa debit card information ready to ensure you can complete your transaction before the price of your product(s) changes. The total amount of your purchase displayed on the payment page includes all applicable fees and taxes. Please note that the displayed total is based on live pricing.

To complete your purchase, enter your credit or debit card information and click Submit. If you enter your payment information incorrectly, your transaction will automatically be declined and you will have to create your order again. Please note that the payment process is time sensitive and must be completed as quickly as possible. If you do not complete your payment within the 20-minute time period, your order will be cancelled and you will have to create it again. If at any time you would like to cancel your transaction and continue shopping, please click the Cancel button.

Once your order has been successfully processed, you will receive a summary of your purchase. A confirmation email with a copy of your receipt will be sent within 12 hours of purchase. You can view your receipt online or print it for your records. Please add CIBC Precious Metals ( to your email address book to ensure the confirmation email is not misdirected to spam mailbox.

5.    Delivery of Products

After completing your purchase, you can expect to receive your order within five to seven business days from the day you placed the order. For more information on delivery, refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If at any point you have questions or concerns, please contact our Precious Metals Online Support Desk at 1-855 236 4272, Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 8:00pm EST.

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