A Leading Bank for Precious Metal

We strive to be the premier client-focused bank centered in Canada with a reputation for consistent and sustainable earnings, risk-controlled growth and being a well-managed firm known for excellence in everything we do. Our clients rely on us to provide high-quality, competitive products and services – including gold and silver.  

 CIBC Precious Metals® can be a smart strategy for diversifying your investments or obtaining a memorable and valued gift for a special occasion. You can be confident that you are purchasing from a trusted financial institution with decades of experience in the precious metals business. We’ve been helping Canadian investors and collectors add gold and silver to their holdings since the Klondike, and have a seasoned team of professionals driving the business.

A Range of Options to Meet Your Needs

We offer the following precious metals in gold and silver, with a convenient system to make purchases and receive delivery. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars:

  • Physical bullion bars in gold and silver, with a minimum investment of 1 oz
  • Physical coins in gold and silver, with a minimum investment of 1/10 oz for gold and 1 oz for silver
  • Physical collector coins in gold and silver

The following denominations are available, and may change at any time:

  • Gold bullion bars: 1, 10 and 100 oz and 1 kg
  • Silver bullion bars: 1, 10, 20, 50 and 100 oz and 1 kg
  • Gold coins: 1/10, ¼, ½ and 1 oz
  • Silver coins: 1 oz

Online orders are subject to a $9,500 limit per 24 hour period. Larger orders may be purchased at any CIBC branch.

Your Partner for the Long Term

CIBC is a leading North American financial institution with over 140 years of experience and 42,000 employees serving clients in Canada and around the world. We’ve been ranked as the strongest bank in North America and third strongest in the world for the second straight year.1  CIBC Precious Metals is part of CIBC’s wholesale banking business that provides a range of capital markets, corporate banking and investment banking services to help clients meet their financing and investment objectives.

® Registered trademark of CIBC

1“The World’s Strongest Banks 2013”, Bloomberg Markets magazine, 2013.​​​​



Gold $2,492.79
Silver $30.76