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Silver Coin- Maple of Prosperity


Symbolism is an inherent part of Chinese culture, both in the written and spoken language. While many of its modern characters serve as visual symbols of their own, the playful use of phonetics and puns bring added meaning and imagery to each message conveyed; such is the case with this intricate coin, which conveys a blessing of prosperity upon its owner.

Along with luck and longevity, traditional Chinese beliefs hold that prosperity is one of life’s greatest blessings and a cornerstone for the ideal life. This design artfully brings together detailed visual symbols and popular wordplay in an expressed wish for “abundance.”

Fish have long represented “abundance” or “surplus” due to their similarly pronounced characters; and as a prolific producer of eggs, the carp is a particularly auspicious symbol with its character’s pronunciation resembling that of “profit” and “power.” In a lucky grouping of three, carp are beautifully depicted on your coin’s reverse as they jump out of the water (in itself symbolic of continuous abundance), which is represented by a repetitive pattern of rippling water that frames the reverse image. This thoughtful, intricate design by Canadian artist Albert Ng expresses the notion of “gaining profits in succession” and also features a beautiful hologram of a maple leaf that celebrates Canada’s Chinese communities.
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